Appetizers and Soups

Whether served as a snack, quick pick-me-up or a replacement meal, today’s soups and appetizers are hot with new products and tastes. The category is worth more than $10 billion with store brands enjoying the biggest growth as retailers add more adventurous, international and healthy choices to the shelves. The traditional franks-in-a-blanket now vies for space with savory pork lumpiaspring rolls, indulgent brie and apple fig-filled spanakopita and better-for-you Italian vegetable with farro soup. Bob Vosburgh details the major trends influencing the category, and who’s preparing the next course for further growth. Click here for video.

  • Category Profile: Sleep Aids
    When counting sheep no longer works, consumers suffering from insomnia and other sleep deprivations are turning to OTC, natural, and wearable solutions. Bob Vosburgh reveals that private label is enjoying growing sales in the sleep aids segment as drug, mass and supermarkets add innovative new products and quality national brand equivalents. Click here for video.
Smile When You Say Cheese

Cheese is one of private label's biggest categories with more than 40% in unit share. There's more to smile about, too.

Consumers Driving Skin Care Sales Up

Skin care sales grew by nearly 10% last year. For store brands, skin care is offering a new category for expansion and innovation.

New Formulations Help Juice Sales Grow

Juice is king. Fruit juices. Vegetable juices. They are healthy and taste good. Bob Vosburgh explains.


More and more young men and women are turning to food-on-the-go and meal kits to satisfy their eating habits. The trend has impacted center store.


While national brands have dominated the hair care category for decades, millennials apparently don’t share the loyalty of their parents to well-known brands.

Pizza Makes Consumers Happy

Pizza is now America's No. 1 favorite comfort food. It is a $45 billion business and store brands frozen pizza has become one of retailing's leading SKU's.