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Direct From PLMA's International Trade Show

PLMA’s 2018 “World of Private Label” International Trade Show in Amsterdam just ended. Join news anchor Jodi Daley and PLMA president Brian Sharoff for an inside look at the trends and products that dominated the show. Special reports from PLMA’s European team of analysts and commentators. Watch the news. Don’t just read about it. On your laptop, desktop, tablet and smartphone. Click here for video.

Research and Technology: Fermentation Adds Fizz - and Buzz ‑ to Products

  • Fermentation Adds Fizz - and Buzz ‑ to Products
    Kombucha, Korean-inspired kimchi and even beauty care products are rising to the top of the food industry headlines. It’s all about fermentation, which adds good gut bacteria inside and absorption efficacy outside. Dr. Kantha Shelke explains how fermentation appeals to health-minded consumers, and the way it can help store brands manufacturers. Click here for video
Category Profile: New Formulations Help Juice Sales Grow

Juice is king. Fruit juices. Vegetable juices. They are healthy and taste good. The category, however, has had to stay on top of changing tastes and eating habits. This month's category profile looks at the products and the potential as host Bob Vosburgh analyzes today's market.

Big Brands Struggle with New Media

Big national brand marketers now realize that their long-standing advertising strategies aren’t working well in the new media world. Stuart Elliott, who was the advertising columnist for the New York Times, says “everything is changing” in advertising and the big brands are struggling to reach consumers with their ad messages.

A Toast to Private Label Wine
Increased wine sales are nothing to sniff at. Discounters like Lidl and Aldi are making store brand wines not only acceptable, but preferable for price and quality. Judith Kolenburg in Amsterdam previews PLMA’s 2018 Salute to Excellence Wine Awards where more than 30 retailers received recognition for private label achievements.