GMO Confrontation Looms?

New Role for Store Brand Managers

Christopher Durham looks at executive hiring trends of retailers as they build their store brands programs.

Did Someone Say Kushari?

Popular new ethnic dishes are emerging in America. Brad Edmondson keys in on factors that could create a buzz around a new food or dish.

Cosmetics Opening Store Brands Doors

With expected sales approaching $60 billion this year, Len Lewis explains how retailers are looking to store brands to get a piece of the this profitable pie.

And The Winner Is...

Kurt Goldschmidt sneaks a peek at some of the products being considered for the Salute to Excellence Awards that will be announced in November.

Succeeding in a Tough Economy

Andrew Stevens from Verdict Retail believes U.S. grocery retailers can learn lessons from the competitive battle raging in Great Britain. Tim Simmons finds out.

With several states pushing GMO disclosure labeling and Congress seemingly at an impasse, the issue of genetic modification may wind up in the Supreme Court. Store brands may be particularly vulnerable. What is the status of the GMO battle? Join news anchor Jodi Daley and PLMA president Brian Sharoff for an updated report on this controversial issue. Click here for video.

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