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Summer Reruns

Summer reading is a favorite of many vacationers. Now you can combine business with pleasure with summer viewing of two of PLMA Live’s best video reports. There’s “The Rise of Loyal Shoppers” to help you plan your autumn sales strategy and “Marketing Myths You Should Know About” to keep you from falling into the same traps as everyone else. So get your tablet, smartphone, or laptop and enjoy. News anchor Jodi Daley and PLMA president Brian Sharoff will be on hand to guide you. Click here for video.

Category Profiles: Pets Have Store Brands Feelings, Too

  • Category Profiles: Pets Have Store Brands Feelings, Too
    The importance of store brands in the pet care category has never been greater as pet owners look for premium and niche products for their furry friends. Will the trend continue? What are retailers doing to build sales? How can manufacturers help drive the category? Click here for video.
Retailers Get Fresh

With new products and better-trained personnel, retailers are using perishables to showcase their growing commitment to fresh, healthy fare. Roy White reports.

Smaller Packaging Is Getting Bigger

Individual or single portion is popular among both consumers and retailers. Kantha Shelke reports why.

Happy, Healthy and Sporty

As thoughts turn to Spring and going outdoors, Christopher Durham exposes retailers that offer successful sporting goods store brands.

What's New at Albertsons?

CEO Robert Miller is proving he has some tricks up his sleeve. David Merrefield offers details.

The Changing Consumer

Daphne Kasriel –Alexander of Euromonitor looks at how consumers around the world are changing.