Amazon and Lidl Challenge Traditional Retailing

Amazon and Lidl Challenge Traditional Retailing

With Amazon offering one-hour delivery and Germany’s Lidl finalizing American invasion plans, traditional supermarkets face unknown challenges in the year ahead. Bill Bishop evaluates the Amazon threat while Tim Simmons analyzes where Lidl stands now as PLMA Live’s monthly Newsdesk focuses on issues gaining momentum. Click here for video.

Category Profiles: Jams and Jellies

  • Category Profiles: Jams and Jellies
    How are retailers marketing their Jams and Jellies lines? What role can manufacturers play in driving sales? This month’s Category Profile focuses on Jams and Jellies. On your desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. Click here for video.
Is There A Trump Consumer?

Everyone now knows that there are Trump voters. But are there Trump consumers? Brad Edmondson analyzes the link between the voting booth and the supermarket.

Dollar Store Renaissance

Smaller stores, better locations and a focus on Millennials are all bringing the dollar channel into new underserved markets. Roy White reports on the latest developments.

Don't Ignore Seniors

Aging seniors require attentive retailers and marketers. Len Lewis examines the store layouts, convenient locations, products and packaging that win them over.

The State of Stater Bros.

The passing of iconic CEO Jack Brown of Stater Bros. opens up a whole new chapter for this independent popular California chain. David Merrefield highlights the new leadership.

Can Retailers Keep Growing?

Neil Stern, Senior Partner at McMillanDoolittle consulting firm, believes 2017 will be one of the most challenging years ever for retailers.