How did retailing change in 2014?

Private Label in the Mideast

Judith Kolenburg reports on BIM, a successful discounter in Turkey, that has brought private label to Muslim shoppers.


Technology now allows everyday devices to communicate with each other. Dr. Kantha Shelke tells how manufacturers can use this technology to benefit their business.

Spending State-by-State

How has the Great Recession affected spending on a state-by-state basis? And what does it mean to retailing? Brad Edmondson explains.

Luxury Store Brands

Roy White checks out the success of true luxury retail products that consumers might not realize are in fact store brands.

Cosmetics Opening Store Brands Doors

With expected sales approaching $60 billion this year, Len Lewis explains how retailers are looking to store brands to get a piece of the this profitable pie.

Join PLMA Live host Tim Simmons for a year-end review of the changes that occurred in retailing in 2014 and their impact for the year ahead. Panel members include Christopher Durham, founder of the website MyPBrand; Robert Vosburgh, news director of PLMA Live; Michael Sansolo, author and columnist; and Joe Azzinaro, senior PLMA researcher. Topics include the past year’s CEO changes, e-commerce latest challenges to bricks-and-mortar retailing, and national manufacturers new strategy of reducing brands. Click here for video.

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