The Changing Consumer

Food shoppers are much different today than they were prior to the pandemic. How are retailers responding? Join news anchor Jodi Daley as she speaks with CART's Gary Hawkins about e-commerce innovation. Plus, Carol Angrisani reports on the launch of virtual wellness programs. Maureen Donoghue examines what’s ahead for the Center Store. Also, PLMA announces "Lunch and Learn," the exclusive new program with live and interactive meetings designed to strengthen manufacturer-retailer partnerships. The three, one-hour lunchtime programs will be held April 8, 22 and 29. 
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Establishing Long-Term Customer Loyalty

To succeed in today’s challenging retail environment, trading partners must take differentiation to the next level, says Bahige El-Rayes, a partner at Kearney. This requires capturing consumer mindshare and understanding unmet needs, El-Rayes says. Companies can then create products and services with unique characteristics that set them apart from the competition. Click here to download video

The Rise of Robotics in Supermarkets

Robots are being used to check inventory, disinfect the store, serve food and increase fulfillment speed. Veronica Carvalho reports on the latest programs in place at retail. Click here to download video