Announcing PLMA's 2015-2016 Calendar

Cooking Up A Blue Storm

David Merrefield explores the latest way to help consumers. It is called Blue Apron and they do all the prep.

Food for Kids' Thoughts

The battle between what kids want and what parents will buy for them has been going on forever. Len Lewis reports on how kids' clubs are solving the challenge.

An Apple A Day

More and more consumers are using alternative medicine to solve their aches and pains. Brad Edmondson says it has become a very big business.

Labels Without Additives

A clean label is gaining momentum, but what does it mean and why. Dr. Kantha Shelke offers insight into this growing trend.

Building Retailer Brands

Vicky Bullen, a branding expert, says retailers are upgrading their marketing and branding programs.

Looking for a conference or trade show, PLMA’s 2015-2016 calendar is now set. Join news anchor Jodi Daley and PLMA president Brian Sharoff for a look at events past, present and future. Of course, if you know the words to the Danish national anthem, you can join in as exhibitors at PLMA's last Chicago trade show proudly give it their best. See for yourself. Click here for video.

Does Social Media Really Pay?

  • Does Social Media Really Pay?
    Lots of people talk about social media but does it actually pay? PLMALive examines the ROI of social media with interviews and commentary. Click here for video.