Will Retailing Ever Be the Same?

Wall Street and Main Street are asking the same question: will retailing and consumers return to normalcy after the devastating experience of coronavirus? Join news anchor Jodi Daley and PLMA’s news team of Tim Simmons, Maureen Donoghue, David Merrefield, and guest commentator Jim Hertel for an updated report on private label’s unique role in the Covid-19 pandemic. Click here to download video

Food as Medicine

Consumers are paying more attention than ever to healthier food options. Veronica Carvalho explains what health conscious shoppers are thinking.  Click here to download video

Sam’s Choice Helping Walmart Spruce Up Its Image

The founder’s brand is enjoying new life as Walmart adds international products and premium private label categories.  Christopher Durham analyzes the marketing strategy. Click here to download video

What Happens after a Pandemic?

Retailers and their suppliers are looking ahead to how their businesses will be changing in the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis. Tim Simmons spoke with John Stanton, Chair of Food Marketing at St. Joseph’s University, who thinks the industry has done a good job reacting to the crisis but will have to make adjustments as the economy begins to open up. Click here to download video