New Hall of Fame Members Announced

What is Amazon Up To?

Roy White examines Amazon's recently posted financial report and plans to ensure long-term success.

The Food Truck Phenomenon

Len Lewis spotlights the growing food truck industry. Once seen as merely a fad or a novelty, it looks like it is heading for a billion dollar business.

The World of Apps

Apps go beyond becoming another marketing tool. Dr. Kantha Shelke explains.

If You Are a Millennial

Buying a house, starting a family, and getting married isn’t as affordable as it was. Brad Edmondson focuses on the challenges faced by this generation.

Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

Howard Popoola of Topco Associates says it’s more important than ever to increase investments in quality assurance and food safety.

PLMA is proud to announce the new members to be inducted in the Private Label Industry Hall of Fame. Join news anchor Jodi Daley and PLMA president Brian Sharoff for this special Newsdesk program devoted to the Hall of Fame. Who are this year’s inductees? How were they chosen? Reports by PLMA Live News Director Bob Vosburgh and commentator David Merrefield. Click here for video.

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New PLMA Study Challenges Conventional Wisdom About Today’s Shoppers

  • A new PLMA consumer research study indicates that shoppers are becoming more loyal to their favorite retailers. Demographics, retail consolidation and store brands are the reasons. Click here for video.