From Drug Store to Drug Channel

The corner drug store is gone forever but what is going to take its place? If retailers have their way, it will be integrated health services with prescriptions, beauty and medical treatment all rolled into one. The transformation has implications for supermarkets and mass merchandisers, too. News anchor Jodi Daley and PLMA president Brian Sharoff analyze the future of the drug channel and what it means to everyone else. Watch the news. Don’t just read about it. On your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Click here to download video

Category Profile: Household Paper A Big Win for Store Brands

Paper towels, tissues and toilet paper are household essentials, and consumers purchase $22 billion worth of products every year. Private label has a firm hold on the category and market share is on the rise. Bob Vosburgh explains the latest trends and how retailers keep the segment growing with new own-brand products. Click here to download video

Is There a Doctor in the Store?

The title “Chief Medical Officer” might be unfamiliar to most consumers, but David Merrefield reports that food retailers of all sizes are now recruiting such experts to oversee and grow their health and wellness programs. Click here to download video

What's Creating Chaos in Consumables?

Competition in the consumer products business has always been intense, but one Wall Street analyst, Scott Mushkin at Wolfe Research, predicts it is going to become even more challenging. Click here to download video