What Does Warren Buffett Know About Store Brands?

Warren Buffett has discovered store brands and he says they are going to grow bigger and bigger. Join news anchor Jodi Daley and PLMA president Brian Sharoff as they follow the trail of Buffett’s thinking. Special reports on the decline of national brands by Tim Simmons, consumer attitudes by David Luttenberger of Mintel, sales trends with former Nielsen guru Todd Hale, and what could be the pivotal role of Amazon. Click here to download video

Albertsons Relying on Own Brands for Comeback

Albertsons’ future looks brighter thanks to its CEO, Vivek Sankaran, and the expansion of its own brand. David Merrefield reports that lean profits could be a thing of the past. Click here to download video

Private Label’s Sweet Tooth

Maureen Donoghue sees big opportunities for private label confectionery as retailers use their own brands to satisfy a changing clientele. Click here to download video

What Does Wall Street Think of Private Label?

Retailers are always trying to please Wall Street, but are financial analysts really impressed with what retailers are doing with their store brands? Ali Dibadj, an award winning analyst with Alliance Bernstein, has been tracking the growth of retailing and private label for years. He sees big changes ahead for retailers and their suppliers. Click here to download video