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Is Today’s Mass Market Coming to an End?

Market researchers may argue about it, but today’s mass market is changing and may be coming to an end. For store brands, it could be a big opportunity or the start of a costly battle for the consumer’s attention and loyalty. Join news anchor Jodi Daley and PLMA president Brian Sharoff as they analyze the demographic and market shifts that are impacting mass marketing. Click here for video.

Category Profiles: Store Brands Beverages
Turn to Innovation for Growth

  • Category Profiles: Beverages Bubbling Upwards
    While colas fight it out, store brands beverages have turned to energy and sports, flavored waters and juices and other innovative drinks to drive store brands sales forward. What are the trends for the future? What are retailers doing? How can manufacturers help build market share? Click here for video.
Retailers Get Fresh

With new products and better-trained personnel, retailers are using perishables to showcase their growing commitment to fresh, healthy fare. Roy White reports.

Monster Food or Smart Science?

Consumer distrust has done little to stop the biotechnology sector from promoting the idea of more sustainable food sources. Len Lewis explains.

Health as Status Symbol

Healthy living is developing into a “status” culture and food is  a big part of the trend. Dr. Kantha Shelke analyzes the trend.

Extreme Convenience

Convenience stores are very popular in Taiwan, where sales outpace those of supermarkets and hypermarkets. Christopher Durham explores their role.

What’s new along the store perimeter?

Jennifer Campuzano of the Nielsen Perishables Group says sales are growing across all the fresh grocery departments along the supermarket perimeter.