The Millenials Are Coming!

Home Centers Are Thriving!

Why are home centers booming? Roy White reports on the performance of these specialized retailers and their store brands.

How Far Can Robotics Serve Us?

Robotics offers advantages to private label manufacturers allowing them to compete on a global scale. Dr. Kantha Shelke explains.

The Hispanic Flip

Some states have evolved to become home to more Hispanic residents. Brad Edmondson says that it may be time to start re-thinking this so-called “minority group”.

New Consumer Technology

It is called micro-location. Some think it will revolutionize shopping behavior. Len Lewis reports.

Pets Pay Off

Pet products may be one of the biggest growth opportunities for store brands in the years ahead. Tim Simmons speaks with Serge Boutet of SBNutrinnov Consultants.

Market researchers call them the millennials and they represent over 100 million young Americans born between 1980 and 2000. With smartphones and social media, they have revolutionized the way people Shop. Join news anchor Jodi Daley and PLMA president Brian Sharoff as they present highlights of PLMA's new market research study about millennials. Interviews with public opinion expert John Zogby, marketing specialist Jeff Fromm, retailer Doug Palmer and millennials themselves. Click here for video.

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Rebirth Of Smaller Stores

  • The rebirth of smaller supermarkets has implications for retailers everywhere. It could mean a big opportunity for growth of store brands. What does it mean for our industry? Click here for video.