The Rise of Loyal Shoppers

Waiting Women

More and more women are having babies later on in life. Brad Edmondson explores recent birth rates and its impact on retailers.

Using Social Media for Retailing

Christopher Durham describes how retailers are using social media to organize different events and increase store brand awareness amongst consumers.

Holland Has More Than Tulips

Holland's Ahold owns many supermarkets in the U.S. How is the Dutch company's flagship chain doing? PLMA's European commentator Judith Kolenburg reports.

One Man Can Make A Difference

Supervalu’s future looks brighter since Sam Duncan took over two years ago. David Merrefield analyzes the turnaround.

Will retailing rebound this year?

Todd Hale, former Nielsen Senior VP, tells Tim Simmons that 2015 may be a better year for retailers.

A new PLMA study indicates that shoppers are becoming more loyal to their favorite retailers. Demographics, retail consolidation and store brands are the reasons. Find out more about what 25-45 year old consumers think about private label products. Join news anchor Jodi Daley, PLMA president Brian Sharoff and the PLMA Live news team as they analyze study findings and what it means to your customers. Click here for video.

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The Year Ahead Your Guide to PLMA’s 2015 calendar of events and programs.

  • Planning your schedule for 2015? Here’s your guide to PLMA’s calendar of events and programs: the upcoming Leadership Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, PLMA’s “World of Private Label” International Show in Amsterdam, the Executive Education Program at St. Joseph's University, and this year’s Washington Conference. Click here for video.