Get Ready for Private Label Week!

PLMA is announcing a new, innovative digital trade show, PLMALive Presents Private Label Week. The event, to be held February 1-5, 2021, will allow retailers and manufacturers to connect in real time with exhibitors displaying their food and non-food products. There also will be presentations by retail leaders and daily video reports on category trends and new products. Peggy Davies, PLMA President, and Anthony Aloia, Corporate VP, share details about Private Label Week. Join us from anywhere in the world for this unique B2B private label experience! Click here to download video

Store Brands Packaging Sets Global Design Trends

Private brand package design is not the stark black and white generics it used to be. Over the years, innovative packaging and unique design trends contributed to global store brands success. Christopher Durham gives us a look into this year’s design trends that made quite the impression. Click here to download video

Dollar Stores Must Adapt to a New Retail Economy

Dollar chains successfully navigated the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in continued profitability for the sector. However, dollar stores need to focus on the initiatives that set them apart from their competition once the pandemic is over. Roy White has this report. Click here to download video

Understanding the Pandemic Shopper

What are consumers really thinking during this long-lasting pandemic? David Donnan, a retired partner at A.T. Kearney, believes that consumer attitudes have evolved in significant ways since the pandemic began and they will continue to change in the future. Click here to download video