What's Old Can Be New

What Do Consumers Want to Know?

Christopher Durham discusses the trend toward greater transparency by retailers about the products they sell.

If You Are Doing Business in Florida…

With over 20 million people residing in the state, Florida has become a changing, complicated marketplace. Brad Edmondson examines the demographics.

A New Retail Banner Is Hoisted

A new retailer is emerging in the West named Haggens. David Merrefield explores company’s birth and the two executives in charge.

Profiling a Retailer With 40% Private Label Sales

Ever hear of Mercadona? In Spain, you would know it. See how this chain runs its private label program. Judith Kolenburg reports.

The Future of Store Brands

Sam Reed, CEO of TreeHouse Foods, says shoppers will keep driving growth of store brands. Tim Simmons reports.

It is one of the oldest truisms in marketing: what’s old is new. Find an old idea and re-launch it. Store brands are no exception. Join news anchor Jodi Daley and PLMA president Brian Sharoff and see how ancient foods and health products are making a comeback while retailers are re-circulating old brands to make big profits. Click here for video.

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New Hall of Fame Members Announced

  • PLMA is proud to announce the new members to be inducted in the Private Label Industry Hall of Fame. Join news anchor Jodi Daley and PLMA president Brian Sharoff for this special Newsdesk program devoted to the Hall of Fame. Who are this year's inductees? How were they chosen? Reports by PLMA Live News Director Bob Vosburgh and commentator David Merrefield. Click here for video.