Dollar Store Channel Up for Grabs

A New Type of Private Label

Some retailers are now marketing private label products that are “better for you.” Christopher Durham explores this emerging trend.

Footprint in Water

Can private label manufacturers benefit from better water management practices? Dr. Kantha Shelke outlines the advantages of a company shrinking its “water footprint.”

Room for Improvement

With more and more manufacturing taking place overseas, Brad Edmondson examines the recent initiatives of some retailers to become more socially responsible.

Big CEO at Target

The newly appointed CEO of Target is Brian Cornell. It could mean big changes for the retailer. David Merrefield explains.

What’s Hot in New Products?

Tom Vierhile, Innovation Insights Director, Datamonitor, sees new opportunities for store brand products. He tells Tim Simmons about important trends coming next year.

While dollar store shoppers are looking for bargains, dollar store chains are offering big money for possible mergers. Is the channel contracting or consolidating? News anchor Jodi Daley and PLMA president Brian Sharoff look at the major players and the future of the channel. Interviews with Terry Lee, former vice president/private brands at Dollar General and Scott Mushkin, financial analyst for Wolfe Research. Click here for video.

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PLMA Jungle Survival: Episode 1 - The Gorge of No Return

  • National brands vs. store brands? Two teams are setting out to prove which is best. Find out what happens as the first episode of PLMA’s Jungle Survival Challenge unfolds. Click here for video.