Summer Encore: The Discounters Are Coming

The Food Truck Phenomenon

Len Lewis spotlights the growing food truck industry. Once seen as merely a fad or a novelty, it looks like it is heading for a billion dollar business.

Luxury Store Brands

Roy White checks out the success of true luxury retail products that consumers might not realize are in fact store brands.

Fusion Foods

Many cultures ’ethnic’ dishes are actually multicultural. Brad Edmondson reports on the origins of ethnic food mashups.

The World of Apps

Apps go beyond becoming another marketing tool. Dr. Kantha Shelke explains.

Building Retailer Brands

Vicky Bullen, a branding expert, says retailers are upgrading their marketing and branding programs.

Summer may be a time for rest and relaxation, but the retailers may be facing some uncertain moments as Lidl moves ahead with plans to open stores in the U.S. Join news anchor Jodi Daley and PLMA president Brian Sharoff for this encore broadcast of “The Discounters Are Coming.” Find out more about the impact of Lidl’s strategy and what it could mean for store brands. Click here for video.

Does Social Media Really Pay?

  • Does Social Media Really Pay?
    Lots of people talk about social media but does it actually pay? PLMALive examines the ROI of social media with interviews and commentary. Click here for video.