Alternative Milk Changing Basics

The rise of these new products has stirred retailers to re-think milk marketing and the whole category may be the beneficiary. While health reasons are a factor, taste is playing a part, too. Bob Vosburgh analyzes the old and the new approaches to one of consumers' basic food sources. How are retailers marketing alternative milks? What role can manufacturers play in driving sales? This month’s Category Profile offers a comprehensive report. Click here for Video

  • In The Stores, On The Shelves
    In our March edition, we learn more about Southeastern Grocers’ plans for a store brand revival, new labels for U.S. military commissaries, an expansion of store brands at BJ’s Wholesale Club and the importance of private label in the mass channel. Click here for video.
An American Tradition Goes Private Label

Let’s face it. There’s nothing like a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But today’s young eaters (and their parents) are looking for more than tradition. They have taste buds which transcend the norm.

Beauty Care Lures Store Brands

Retailers are redefining beauty care. The total market is worth at least $80 billion so there's plenty of room for store brands if retailers get the message right.

Technology Has Changed Coffee and Tea Forever

New flavors and single-serve pods have revolutionized the coffee and tea category. The market is getting bigger and bigger.

A Paperless World? Not on Your Life

This month, the focus is on kitchen and bathroom paper. With 30% market share, store brands have established themselves as the consumer choice.

Pets Have Store Brands Feelings, Too

The importance of store brands in the pet care category has never been greater as pet owners look for premium and niche products for their furry friends. 

Wet Wipes Come of Age

Wet wipes aren’t for babies anymore. There are make-up wipes, wipes for men, wipes for cars, and wipes for pets. No wonder that total private label sales jumped by nearly 10% last year.