The State of Stater Bros.

Retailers And Brands Clash Over Goals

National brands want more sales from existing product lines. Retailers are looking for new products to spur sales and satisfy customers. It’s a clash of goals. Who is going to win out? How do store brands fit in? News anchor Jodi Daley and PLMA president Brian Sharoff pull the curtain back on this simmering conflict with reports from Tim Simmons, Bob Vosburgh and David Merrefield. Click here for video.

The passing of iconic CEO Jack Brown of Stater Bros. opens up a whole new chapter for this independent popular California chain. David Merrefield highlights the new leadership.

Alternative Milk Changing Basics

  • Alternative Milk
    Milk is milk! Unless it is soy milk or almond milk or any of the other alternatives that have found their way onto the dairy shelves of America’s supermarkets. Click here for video.
Income Inequality Impact

Some markets are booming as consumers enjoy income growth, while others struggle with high rents and related cost-of-living expenses. Brad Edmondson analyzes the trend.

Public Enemy No. 1

Forget trans-fats or salt. Sugar is now Public Enemy No. 1 in the mind of many consumers. Dr. Kantha Shelke reports on the challenges facing packaged goods manufacturers ‑ and potential solutions.

Sit. Stay. Buy.

The country’s leading pet retailers today offer competitive private brands for pet owners. Christopher Durham reports on the latest statistics.

Lidl’s Executive Change

A new CEO at Lidl, just months before the chain’s U.S. debut, has many wondering about the company’s strategy. David Merrefield examines the change.

What’s ‘unstructured’ data?

We’ve all heard about big data, but what about something called ‘unstructured’ data? It’s about what’s happening outside the store. Bill Gillispie of IBM Global Services believes it will bring big changes in retailing.