Keeping Up with Technology

Nielsen Sees Big Store Brands Growth

A new report from Nielsen predicts strong store brands growth in the U.S. and around the world. What is behind the boom? Are the changes permanent? Join news anchor Jodi Daley and PLMA president Brian Sharoff as they analyze what Nielsen is saying and why. Click here for video.

Retail technology has moved from a cost to an investment, but what are the limits? Len Lewis explains the benefits and pitfalls.

Science and Technology: Putting Humpty-Dumpty Together

  • Putting Humpty-Dumpty Together
    The integration of brick-and-mortar stores into the digital world may not be as easy as people think. Recent reports reveal that order-to-shelf system, or OTS, is not getting the job done. At many stores, departments are experiencing serious out-of-stocks – the exact opposite of what order-to-shelf is supposed to do. Roy White analyzes the situation. Click here for video.
Millennials Make Haircare a Store Brands Target

While national brands have dominated the hair care category for decades, millennials apparently don’t share the loyalty of their parents to well-known brands. The result is a growing opportunity for store brands. Bob Vosburgh analyzes the prospects in this month’s category profile.

Is Online for Real?

E-commerce only accounts for 9% of grocery sales but everyone seems to agree that it is destined to grow and grow and grow. Brad Edmondson explains the demographics behind this prediction.

The New Digital Revolution in Retailing

Michael Jary predicts a new wave of digital technologies will transform the way people use the internet and these technologies will have a big impact on how retailers do business.