Gold in Them Thar Hills

Direct-from-the-Show-Floor Coverage

All the products. All the trends. Join news anchor Jodi Daley and PLMA president Brian Sharoff for direct-from-the-show-floor coverage of this year's PLMA Private Label Trade Show. Daily news briefings with reports from Michael Sansolo on food and beverages, Bob Vosburgh on health and beauty, and Carol Angrisani on housewares and kitchenware. Plus, Tim Simmons will keep an eye on breakfast speakers. Click here for video.

So-called ‘micropolitan’ areas have long been passed over by businesses, but population shifts are attracting fresh development. Brad Edmondson identifies 101 regions around the country where growth and healthy communities are opening new markets for retailers of all channels.

Research and Technology:
Retail Apocalypse? Hardly

  • Retail Apocalypse? Hardly
    The flood of closings long-predicted for the bricks-and-mortar retail landscape may not be as dire as predicted, but certain channels are in deeper water than others. Brad Edmondson offers statistical analysis of who’s falling and rising with the tide. Click here for video.
Category Profile: Soup's On...and Appetizers Too

Whether served as a snack, quick pick-me-up or a replacement meal, today’s soups and appetizers are hot with new products and tastes. Bob Vosburgh details the major trends influencing the category, and who’s preparing the next course for further growth.

Pet Retailers Adopt New CEOs
Both PetSmart and Petco recently appointed new leaders that come from contrasting C-suite pedigrees. David Merrefield explains the potential strategies behind the hirings that could help differentiate the companies from each other ‑ and competitors.
Innovation isn’t Easy

Private label offers many opportunities for manufacturers these days, but it also offers plenty of challenges. PLMA's Tim Simmons speaks with Dean Erstad, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Seneca Foods, who believes innovation is one of them.