The Big Gamble

Who Has the Best Store Brands?

Everyone knows the answer: the consumer’s favorite stores. For nearly 20 years, PLMA’s annual Salute to Excellence Awards have filled in the blanks by giving recognition to retailers for innovation and quality. This year’s Awards will be announced at the show in Chicago but you can get a preview of some of the most interesting products that the judges selected. Join news anchor Jodi Daley and PLMA president Brian Sharoff for this month’s edition of PLMA Live and a special report from Bob Vosburgh and Carol Angrisani. Click here for video.

Sears and Kohl’s have struck exclusive agreements with Amazon that creates new ways to reach consumers. Roy White bets that the deals also carry substantial risks.

Research and Technology: Store-in-Store Boom

  • Store-in-Store Boom
    Amazon and Aldi inside Kohl’s… Carsaver inside Walmart... Local businesses inside of Whole Foods’ 365 stores. Roy White details how retailers are leasing out parts of their bricks-and-mortar sales floors for non-competing or complimentary operators in a modern twist on traditional concessions. Click here for video.
Gold in Them Thar Hills

So-called ‘micropolitan’ areas have long been passed over by businesses, but population shifts are attracting fresh development. Brad Edmondson identifies 101 regions around the country where growth and healthy communities are opening new markets for retailers of all channels.

Category Profile: Sleep Aids

When counting sheep no longer works, consumers suffering from insomnia and other sleep deprivations are turning to OTC, natural, and wearable solutions. Bob Vosburgh reveals that private label is enjoying growing sales in the sleep aids segment as drug, mass and supermarkets add innovative new products and quality national brand equivalents.

Big Changes Ahead in Retailing

A veteran retailing expert believes there's a new world of supermarkets right around the corner. Allan Noddle says stores will look different, offer new ranges of prepared foods, and integrate online and brick and mortar shopping. All these changes spell a big opportunity for store brands.